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About Micronsoftware

The mission of our company has always been to put the power of the Internet in your hands.

In 2014, the founders of Micron Software , Pawan Kumar envisioned a need to devise a web design and development company that is unique. Micron Software took birth in order to empower owners of small businesses to make them able that they can embrace the power of Internet. The existence of Micron Software is so old that it is one of the first Indian companies that have taken advantages of emerging technology to its fullest. It has also used technology with a focus to help small business owners to enable them that they can boost their success online with the help of quality web design. This web design was aimed at a vision that clients could update themselves by making it cost effective. This became the matter of fact that Micron Software became to witness the change of game because most of such companies were doing it for much higher cost.

It was all history and now we are proud to share that we have more than 700 clients. We kept or vision and mission focused for last so many years that we have only and only moved up by adhering to our principles, which is to provide value and affordability to help our clients.

We provide our clients with everything that is important to succeed online

We have worked with more than 200 small businesses/clients and we have learnt a website needs much more than just an effective online presence. It needs a lot more, such as a brand value and lots of traffic. This traffic is evidence of the fact that people are looking at you and can be converted to customers.

To provide our clients with higher conversion rate, we offer the following things:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Micron Software , we offer everything that you need for the success of your website and business and we also feel proud in sharing that we partner with new small businesses with a vision of long-term relationship.

Our DNA is all about small business as well Large Business

We have fulfilled our minds with the needs of small businesses and hence we have designed the complete process and products to cater to small businesses since their inception. We make sure that we are providing the businesses working with us with utmost comfort, quick, robust and hassle-free experience. We also believe in providing our clients with full control of their websites and friendly advice even after the website is live.


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Micron Software is led by a cohesive team of IT professionals with ample experience in the field of technology and an intense passion to innovate.

Our team’s expertise lies in all areas encompassed within the digital world of world wide web. The team comprises highly qualified and experienced Designers, Developers, Project Coordinators, Delivery Heads, Project Managers, Technical Analysts, Content Writers, Creative Heads, Internet Marketing Strategists, SEO executives, Mobile Programmers, Social Media Executives and Quality Analysts. Each member of Sterco team strives to levitate to a higher level of creativity with every endeavor.